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                                                     What is Hypnosis

       Of all the descriptions I have ever heard for hypnosis, I think Jay Healy describes it most accurately. "At the most general level the goal of the hypnotist is to change the behavior, sensory response, and consciousness of another person. A secondary goal is to extend that person's range of experience, to provide them with new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. To introduce variety and extend the range of their abilities."

        Another way of putting it, is that we all perceive the world we live in differently. You and I do not see the world in the same way. Yet, the world does not change for each of us. The error is in believing our perceptions are reality, in our world. In doing this, we create beliefs that limit our options in life; hypnosis is one way of expanding those options.

        How many times have you heard someone say…. I have tried to quit smoking or lose weight; I just can't do it. This is a personal belief created, which is simply not true. Many people quit every day and you can also. Any time you decide you have had enough, hypnosis can help you reach success.

        The worst perception of hypnosis is the surrounding myths. In the past, hypnotists made people believe they had secret powers or personal, exclusive knowledge. They led people to believe things about hypnosis that are simply untrue. Then, there are the stage hypnotists. I have no problem at all with stage hypnotists; yet, observers seeing these shows, walk away thinking the hypnotist can control people’s minds and actions. This is far from the truth. There is no magic, and hypnotists cannot control your mind. Participants of stage shows always have free will; hypnotists cannot make anyone do anything against their own will.


Hypnosis Requires Three Things:

1   The client must be able to pay attention and focus that attention,

2   The client feels comfortable and confident in the hypnotist,

3   The client desires to experience hypnosis.

        The belief that one is too strong willed, too intelligent, is again just a myth. Only those who are incapable of concentrating, or focusing, can NOT be hypnotized. All others need the above three requirements.