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By John De George


        I once read a story about Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci they each claimed to be the greatest artist of the time. To prove who was best, they agreed to paint grapes and when a bird flew down and tried to eat Michelangelo's grapes, he had won. I doubt it ever happened but the point I'm trying to make is no matter how great the painter they cannot make reality, they are illusionists. Just like there is no such thing as a magic there is only illusion.

        Today we have all these different companies promising to help us lose weight. Each making promises they can't keep for very long. There is even a company selling a pill promising that we will lose weight and telling us not to change any of our current habits. These companies are also creating an illusion which does little but set people up for failure. Sure they can work for the short term but in the end as soon as we stop the diet we gain the weight back and then some.

        We all know our bodies store fat as a protective mechanism and when we need energy our bodies convert that fat to energy. The only way, we can truly lose weight and keep it off is to burn more energy than we take in or take in less food then we burn. To starve the body only sends the message that it needs to store more fat. When we eat less quantity of food more often we keep the digestive system working more and burning more energy, and consuming more fat. Many of us no longer eat to feed our bodies but we eat because we are stressed, because we have a poor self-image of ourselves, because we are sad and unhappy. Some of us have developed bad habits and can’t control them. Many of us no longer eat to live but live to eat. In the end we have come to believe things about ourselves that are not true yet we believe them on a subconscious level. I can promise one thing when your conscious and subconscious battle the subconscious wins 100% of the time.

        Hypnosis is one tool that is proven to help us make the needed changes, it’s no silver bullet or miracle cure, we cannot go into your subconscious and do magic. What hypnosis can do is help alter your subconscious thinking. It can help you change how you feel about yourself. It can help change how and what you feel toward food. It can help you make better choices about eating and help make these changes permanent.

        Read the following and then for a few minutes close your eyes and imagine you’re going to a party and before you leave home you look in the mirror and you weigh your perfect weight and you’re dressed in clothes that make you look great. You smile it feels good doesn’t it. Now imagine you're on your way to the party is it indoors or out? What season is it? Who is there? Where is the party? Use your imagination really make it real. Now you’re at the party and people are coming up to you complementing you, saying you look great, some are saying you look fantastic. Imagine how great you feel. You notice a few people giving you a second glance and it makes your heart smile, it feels good. Imagine you are really there. Now add to that the feeling of abundant energy because you no longer carry around that extra weight and you notice how your breathing is less stressed for the same reason and how your body no longer aches because that weight is gone. Imagine that it is all as real as where you are right now, because the only thing stopping it from becoming reality is you.

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