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        Whatever it is that’s keeping you from enjoying a healthy night’s sleep can be altered with hypnosis for sleep.

        When the conscious mind is busy, with worry, fears, anger,

emotional conflicts, etc. the brain has a hard time letting go of its

conscious processing. Some people hear music in their head, repeat

endless statements with their inner voice or just worry so much about

not being able to sleep that they just cannot sleep!

        If you have trouble sleeping, you know the problem. You start

worrying early in the day about whether or not you are actually going to be able to sleep that night. You lay in bed watching the clock tick as you desperately try to sleep. And once you miss a night of sleep, you worry even more about not sleeping the next night. And this just adds to the problem. Worrying about getting to sleep makes it even harder to get to sleep.

        You can change it. But you are going to need help. In order to sleep

well, you are going to have to teach your brain, how to use subconscious

triggers to eliminate worry and silence that inner voice so you remain

asleep. Hypnosis reprograms the way the subconscious mind works.

It change’s the way your body and mind feel about sleep, and creates a

new outcome. In this case, sleep.

        Hypnosis for sleep is very effective in curing sleep issues of all kinds. It is easy. It works. I wish more people would try it, instead of taking pills. Hypnosis helps release the underlying causes of your sleepless nights. You don't have to live with it and I can help.

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