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Autism Spectrum

    My goal in working with children who are on the Spectrum is to:

help them overcome their fears, their feelings of isolation, to direct

their focus in more beneficial ways, to give them some relief from

their overloaded sensory system, and to help them see themselves

as special and unique rather than as different. Most importantly my

aim is to provide them with the internal skills and techniques to

control their behaviors and concerns. To see some videos on

hypnosis and ASD visit this websitehttp://www.hypnosisminneapolis.com/hypnosis-for-autism/

    I am not offering miracles. There are no miracles where ASD is concerned. What I do promise is to do my best to help your child relax more, to feel comfortable in their own skin, to reduce their fears, to reduce the heightened tension they feel, and to boost their self-esteem.

    Most parents are doing their best to avoid medication and I agree with them. However sometimes they are helpful and even necessary. While I think they should be taken advantage of, some like Temple Grandin feel their lives are so much better with the drugs that she is willing to accept the risks involved. I prefer parents try all alternatives; before medicating their child.

    If you are the parent of a child with Autism you know that there is no cure for Autism, in fact no known cause currently exist. What do exist are numerous theories which

include the following; lack of oxygen at birth, a neurological disorder,

early vaccination, as well as many others. My personal belief is that

there is no one factor but rather a combination of factors.

    For most parents finding out they have a child on the Autistic Spectrum

is a terrible shock, but there is good news. First if you haven't already

been in touch with "Autism smiles" you need to look at their website

http://www.autismsmilesllc.org/it is a wonderful organization that

offers great advice, services, and references. Secondly if you have not

read any of the books by Temple Grandin you need to. She will change how you look at your child. Further information can be found on her web-site http://templegrandin.com/ 

    Should your child show signs of Autism it is not the end of the world. Great strides have been made in the past 40 or so years. We have moved from institutionalizing children with Autism to learning how to help them live very happy productive lives. Temple Grandin points out that many of the world's greatest minds are believed to have Autism including Einstein and Bill Gates. She herself is a leading expert in the humane design of animal handling facilities throughout the world. We need to change the way we think, believe, and look at children with Autism. We as a society and you as parents need to see them as uniquely gifted.

    Your child may be driving you crazy with their behavior, more so than typical children. Many parents are aware that there is a reason for their children's behavior

but aren't aware of that reason. Unfortunately the reason for a

behavior is often as varied as the behaviors themselves, and can

change just as frequently. They may be reactions to something

painful to them like the humming sound of florescent lights in

school or painful pins and needles they feel when being touched.

On the opposite end of the Spectrum, is a lack of awareness of

danger and a heightened tolerance for pain characterized by such things as putting their

hand in a fire or drinking scolding liquids: displaying no signs of pain or discomfort. Whatever the reason: when they reach puberty it can get even more difficult, but with your support and guidance they can learn to channel their gifts in a more positive and appropriate way, reducing the difficulty for you, your family, and your child.

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